Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My first ever collection - Candyland.

So, this is my final sketch of my collection for my grad show. This is what I've been busying on these months. 

I titled it 'Candyland'. It's sweet like princess and fairy tale but also dull like the reality. If the life is hard and dark, then discover the bittersweet of it. There must be something. 

We had good show last weekend. I'm blessed that I won the gold award for the small competition held by my school. I am honored that people love this. Anyway, there will be rematch and final on coming weekend. I don't hope for anything but do hope that things go smoothly and no mistake made. That's all. Thank you God for everything, for my parents loving me, for my man be there with me, for my friends supporting me, for my inspiration, for everything. 

Well, pictures of the show will be posted after I settle with the coming show. 

[Sketch by me.]

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